Organising regular public events on virtual or augmented reality technologies in schools, retirement homes, cafes - throughout Switzerland with Geneva as headquarters.


Provide a collaborative environment for professionals (physicians, neuroscientists, psychologists, artists …) to employ the association's network or resources for projects in the field.


Highlight and promote companies in the sector of virtual or augmented reality.


Offer economic analysis to decision makers and Swiss companies in the field through private conferences


Relating our communities that cover all disciplines and generations to discover innovative solutions to current problems. Whether as a pioneer, enthusiast or novice, you have access to shared resources and knowledge on the emerging potential of VR. Share your work with other enthusiasts in Switzerland.


Participate within Swiss communities in the foundation of virtual and augmented reality. Through joining our meetups or taking part in mentorships, you benefit from a unique learning opportunity. Indeed, you will gain practical experience while enjoying the latest technology.


Produce virtual worlds and tools that will transform our lives and contribute to social progress. We connect virtual worlds created in Switzerland to resolve the critical problems of our societies.

VR/AR/MR Events