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EVA Group – Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Applications – is a research group belonging to ITIA, Industrial Technologies and Automation Institute, part of Italian National Research Council. Marco Sacco is the head of the group, which is composed by 25 researchers divided into three premises: Milano, Bari and Lecco.

For 20 years, EVA has been conducting research in the fields of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Simulation applied to the Virtual Factory framework.

Further research is focused on the development of semantic applications (ontology-based) as a tool for formalization and use of knowledge to support interoperability of systems (Milano). In Bari research is concentrated on Augmented Reality and training. In Lecco the challenge is to apply the same technologies on rehabilitation, health and wellbeing.

Finally, special attention is devoted to the Human Factors that ensure the centrality of the human being, both in the relationship with production and technologies as well as in the different domains in which EVA operates.


Institute of Communication and Computer Systems is a non-profit Academic Research Body established in 1989 by the Ministry for Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs to carry applied Research and Development activities in the area of telecommunications, computer systems and their application in a variety of topics.  ICCS is one of the founding members of the EuroVR Association and hold its’ Presidency from 2011 to 2015. The I-SENSE Research Group ( of ICCS which is actively participating in the EuroVR is mainly focusing on the following application areas: Intelligent Transportation Systems, Virtual Environments, Assistive Technologies and the Smart Integrated Systems & Communication. Specifically in the areas of Virtual and Augmented Reality, I-SENSE interest and expertise lies on the VR/AR architecture development with extensive work in designing and implementing versatile anthropocentric applications for industrial use and training.

ITIA- Institute of Industrial Technology and Automation
20133 - Via Bassini 15, Milano, Italia (entrance from: 20133 - Via Alfonso Corti 12, Milano, Italia)


As an institute of the National Research Council, ITIA has the institutional tasks of performing, promoting, disseminating and improving research activities for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country.

According to the vision expressed above about Manufacturing, ITIA's mission addresses specific research activities on enabling technologies, processes and products, which are integrated in a factory-level framework, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the national economic system and to support the development of new employment, prosperity, sustainability and social cohesion.
This high level mission is then specialized in specific missions in the different areas of activity of the institute. The general idea is that, in order to really have an impact on research and innovation, it is necessary to tackle with a synergistic approach the following areas.

Research expressed at different levels, from the generation of new knowledge, aiming to the development of new applications and technologies, to, in some cases, the following phase of industrial innovation. Research is the core activity of the institute, the one that mobilizes the greatest portion of effort and resources, and is performed in continuous cooperation with the industrial world. This enables ITIA to be a hub for the manufacturing sector, as it samples and collects industrial needs directly from companies in order to support the innovation of the Country.

Training, especially in the form of involvement of graduate people in research activities and through the cooperation with universities in PhD programs. Additionally, several training activities are intended for supporting continuous learning. The key approach adopted for training is based on the teaching factory paradigm.

+39 02 2369 9995
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