The highly-anticipated visit of the Google Virtual Reality’s Laboratory in Zurich on Friday, 23th of February, 2018 has happened to the delight of over 18 participants including start-ups owners, innovation managers, a renowned speaker, and university researchers.


With the objective to gather a panel of high level of profesionnals, this meeting established an agenda to discuss not only the many existing virtual, augmented and mixed reality possibilities, but also to see how looks like the Google VR Lab (no photo there 😉 )

Point of Rendez-vous: The incredible hall of the B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa Zürich

A great and very profesionnal team! 😉

As you can see this place is amazing (books are real…)

Getting acquainted

Ok, Google

Google Cinema’s room: very attentive public



The Talks

1. Rupert Breheny from Google presenting : “Form, function and Fashion”

3. Daniel Gremli CEO of Bandara presenting Toilet Superbowl (who said VR cannot be fun?)

4.Thomas Boillat of the Lucern University talking about his team latest research: Smart glasses in surgery

5.The last presentation by Hans Hoffmann of EBU presenting three AR applications of his team

A very attentive Edward 😉

Thanks to everyone who came together from around Switzerland to join forces for our 2018 first event of its kind, a that was enlightening, interactive and certainly memorable.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm.

Looking forward to the next gathering!

My favourite photo with Monique Morrow

More photos here : Switzerland Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Meetup

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