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As an official partner of the coming Starmus V - International Festival of Astronomy, Science & Music in Zurich , SSVAR (The leading Swiss Association of Virtual, augmented and Mixed Reality) is launching a World Wide Contest of indies creations!

“This year a special tribute to the lunar programme and the Apollo astronauts’ first step on the Moon.”

OUR CALL : Are you VR/AR/MR/Spatial Computing developer or artist?

*You already have a masterpiece on the subject,

*You can create before the 22th of June, 2019 an animation, Art-piece (Tilt brush or any tool you want).

It should be related to the main theme (the best) or to space or science in general…

We are keeping one winner per category:

-Virtual Reality

-Augmented Reality

-Mixed Reality

-Spatial computing


THE PRIZE: We are dedicating a full day for showcasing the winners creations to our visitors (Nobel Prize, astronauts…) and we’ll try to get a filmed video clip of their opinions to be posted in our channels. We’ll send to the winners the clips after the festival!


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This is an independent and non-profit initiative not endorsed or supported by Startmus

Starmus is a unique biennial festival bringing together leading scientists,  legendary astronauts and iconic musicians and artists who share their passion for knowledge with the public.


  • 15 Nobel prize-winners attending
  • 20 astronauts
  • 50 scientists and engineers speaking
  • 15 musicians and artists
  • 3000 attendees

Dates: June 24 to June 29, 2019