Virtual reality courses in Switzerland (soon)

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Learn Virtual Reality

Topics include:
  • Introduction to computer graphics
  • The graphics pipeline
  • OpenGL, WebGL, and GLSL shader programming
  • JavaScript with Three.js
  • Stereoscopic perception and rendering
  • Head mounted display optics and electronics
  • Inertial measurement units: gyros, accelerators, magnetometers
  • Sensor fusion: complementary filter, Kalman filter
  • Human perception: visual, audio, vestibular, tactile, …
  • Guest lectures from VR experts
  • … more interesting topics.

Course Goals

This is a technical class. Students will learn about all hardware (optics, electronics, display, microcontroller, …) and software (JavaScript, WebGL, GLSL) aspects of Virtual Reality (VR). The goal for this class is to learn all of these aspects in a hands-on manner. Each assignment is a small piece of a bigger project. We will NOT learn game development, but study the fundamental building blocks of VR systems and implement all of them.
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