How to by WiD: Mozilla Hubs

Die Party zum 20-jährigen Bestehen von Wissenschaft im Dialog konnte durch die COVID-19-Pandemie nicht wie geplant stattfinden. Wie organisiert man ein lockeres Beisammensein mit Ausstellungsmöglichkeiten und interaktiven Elementen im digitalen Raum? Wir haben dafür das Tool Mozilla Hubs ausprobiert. In diesem Video teilen wir unsere Eindrücke und Erfahrungen. Wir freuen uns über Fragen oder Anregungen an [email protected].

Asynchronous and Synchronous Examples of Mozilla Hubs

This video shows clips of asynchronous and synchronous usage of Mozilla Hubs. The rooms in the video were produced by students and faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts. Visit the rooms for yourself:

Dave Pentecost | Creating virtual rooms for collaboration with Mozilla Hubs

Dave Pentecost served as Local Lead for Space Apps Girls Club NYC in 2018 and 2019. #SpaceApps *** Hello, Space Apps community! Join NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) for the Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge virtual hackathon on May 30-31! We invite coders, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, artists, and technologists to develop solutions to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the latest updates and resources on Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge, visit For more on the 9th annual Space Apps Challenge, scheduled for October 2-4, visit

Mozilla Hubs for Virtual Remote Learning

Virtual environments hold a ton of potential for remote learning. This video walks through the process of setting up a virtual space in Mozilla Hubs that students can access across devices and without a high end VR headset.

Hubs and Spoke

The future of the web is 3D! Mozilla Hubs and the accompanying editor, Spoke already give us the tools to create 3D websites as the backdrop for meet ups. Hubs works on any browser and any VR headset and has rich collaboration capabilities. Take a glimpse at the future now, on a browser near you. #virtualreality #extendedreality #metaverse

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