How Augmented Reality will change War

Sponsored by World of Tanks! Register here ► to receive a T-127 Premium Tank, 500 Gold and 7 days Premium access with the code TANKTASTIC. Applicable to new users only. In this video Nicholas "The Chieftain" Moran (Major, US Army) and I talk about the possibilities and problems with using Augmented Reality in the military. Based on his experience in combat, training and command we talk about various scenarios and applications, while also showing the World of Tanks Augmented Reality system. Chieftain's Channel: D-Day Ohio: Thank you to vonKickass for helping with the thumbnail. »» SUPPORT MHV «« » paypal donation - » patreon - » subscribe star - » Book Wishlist »» MERCHANDISE «« » teespring - » SOURCES « mostly our brains (or their absence) Ledwidge, Frank: Aerial Warfare. The Battle for the Skies. Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK, 2018 (affiliate): (affiliate): Air Warfare. An International Encyclopedia. ABC CLIO: Santa Barbara, California, US. 2002 (affiliate): (affiliate): Frieser, Karl-Heinz: Blitzkrieg-Legende. Der Westfeldzug 1940. 4. Auflage. Oldenbourg Verlag: München, 2012. (affiliate): (affiliate): » DISCLAIMER « As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Als Amazon-Partner verdiene ich an qualifizierten Käufen. #sponsored #ad #Augmented Reality

Sharp | Augmented Reality Training

Sharp Augmented Reality training is a tool for teaching operational concepts and troubleshooting techniques for complex systems. Sharp trainees learn in a matter of hours critical approaches and techniques that typically take years to acquire. Sharp can be used to supplement traditional training programs, or be used as a job aid to support maintenance tasks.

Holographic Tactical Sandbox: Augmented Reality for Mission Preparation

Holographic Tactical Sandbox is the new generation of operation planning tools. It provides an accurate representation of the battlefield, thanks to the viewable 3D holographic map. By facilitating operations, planning and decision-making, this innovation shortens the observation and decision-making loop.

How To Use Augmented Reality Technology In An Industrial Environment

Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Innovation Suite, powered by PTC augmented reality technology, will let you see into the actual mechanics of your machines and help your technicians revolutionize how they interact with industrial technology. Learn more here:

Augmented reality in the classroom – 8 fun AR apps

In this edtech school video, I’ll show you some fun augmented reality apps you can use in your classroom. You'll learn how to use augmented reality as well as I will show you how the ar apps work. AR or augmented in education is becoming more and more present, and you better realize the change AR may bring to your school, classroom or lessons. Augmented reality apps mentioned in this video: - HP Reveal: - CoSpaces Edu: - Wonderscope: - Shapes 3D: - Google Expeditions: - Metaverse: - Snapchat: - AR Makr: Of course, these AR apps are just a tool. It's more important on how you use augmented reality in your classroom to enhance learning. Check out this blog post for fun lesson ideas with augmented reality: You'll also find 2 more augmented reality tool in there. --- SUBSCRIBE to get more edtech tips and lesson ideas! The more subscribes, the more videos we can keep posting. Thanks! --- Follow us on social media to keep up with our news : Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest : Follow our blog here: Are you a BookWidgets user? Come and exchange tips and tricks in our Facebook Group :

The Market Opportunity for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

This video features a panel discussion with industry experts from both the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sectors. David Wheelen is the CEO of VR Education Holdings PLC. They run a platform called 'Engage' which allows Educators and Corporate Trainers to teach remotely whilst creating and sharing their own content - it's a little bit like a virtual reality version of powerpoint. Nikki Lannen is the CEO of a games company called Warducks. They are mostly focused on mobile augmented reality and have produced the top-selling VR games for the playstation. Martin Higginson is the CEO of Immotion Group PLC. They focus on out of home VR experiences and partner with organisations such as Merlin Entertainments. Sam Huber is the founder of Admix which is one of the first monetisation platforms for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Their platform allows advertisers to place non-intrusive advdertising in VR and AR. They currently place around £200m of ads per month. Immersive experiences are already present in our day to day live. The prevalent and well known examples are in the AR sector - think snapchat. AR is far more common than VR as users are only required to have a smartphone or tablet in order to engage with it. VR devices not widely owned, so although the technology is advanced, it has yet to hit the mainstream. In the 1960's people rushed out to buy TV's so that they could watch the moon landings, and it will probably take a similar event to bring VR into the people's everyday lives. The panel discuss current trends in VR & AR, take a look emerging technologies and the challenges they face, as well as unearthing future trends for investors. Has VR and AR Peaked? Watch the speakers and decide for yourself!

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