Nreal Light Become The First Foldable Mixed Reality Glasses

Nreal Light is going foldable! Nreal is challenging the status quo, releasing the first ever mixed reality glasses that can flex and fold like any pair of sunglasses. Listen to Nreal talk about a mixed reality device that is not chunky, not heavy and can be stored in your pocket when not in use....

HoloLens 2 AR Headset: On Stage Live Demonstration

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Samsung Odyssey + Plus – The FULL Honest REVIEW – Best VR Headset?

HERE is my Full Honest Review of the Samsung Odyssey+ HMD VR Headset! In this review we will go over every single detail to understand if this device is worth the $500 and if this is new headset is an upgrade from the Samsung Odyssey that was released in 2017. How will this new device...

Dell Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review

I review the Dell Windows Mixed Reality Headset. If you want to jump to sections of the review, please find the timings below; 01:15 - Setup 03:40 - Headset 07:28 - Controllers 09:46 - Content 10:42 - Conclusion Thanks for watching -) Please hit the like button if you enjoyed the video. If you have any feedback please let me know...

Make Your Own Augmented Reality Viewer DIY

Earlier this your Robert Scoble shared a video on facebook about his first experience with Augmented Reality and it inspired me to work an entire night to recreate his experience for myself. Now, last Saturday Morning when i woke up i thought of a much easier way to create AR glasses using an old...

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