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3D tools (Engines/CMS/Audio)

Short Business Description*: Altair4 Multimedia was established in 1995 by Alessandro Furlan, Pietro Galifi and Stefano Moretti, who conceived the studio as an actual workshop where various technological and artistic disciplines would interact in a coordinated and rewarding dialogue.
Business Website Address*: ALTAIR4
Long Business Description:

In multimedia technology, Altair4 found a new and more organic means of communication, where the fusion of different methodologies and disciplines such as art, architecture and archaeology, lead to the formulation of new “synthesis” languages and a new understanding of the world in which we live.

An interest in Art and Architecture has determined Altair4’s choice of subjects, which are mainly related to cultural heritage. As such, Altair4 has produced a wide range of 3D archaeological reconstructions for Museums, Television Productions and Web, DVD-VIDEO and Interactive APPs for iOS, Android and WIN8 platforms.

The members of the Altair4 creative team come from diverse backgrounds and experience in computer animation, graphic arts, design and broadcast production. The ongoing dialogue between past and present characterizes all Altair4 productions and its innovative and multi-faceted approach to creating computer products where advanced technological tools and artistic and cultural processes are joined.

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Short Business Description*: After learning its statistical signature, Artomatix can manipulate your PBR texture to create an entirely new texture, based on your example, at up to 8k resolution.
Business Website Address*: https://artomatix.com/

Business Website Address*: http://euclideon.com
Long Business Description:

Euclideon specialise in providing agile enterprise solutions that improve productivity and the usability of large volumes of point cloud data with our ground-breaking Geoverse™ solution.

Read more on Euclideon.com

Euclideon is a forward-thinking, advanced technology company based in Brisbane, Australia, best known for its Unlimited Detail (UD) 3D visualisation technology. The revolutionary nature of UD -- that is, a complete rethinking of what was considered possible -- is a fundamental philosophy of the company.


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Short Business Description*: Create VR video apps. Headjack is an app creation and content management platform for 360º video producers, inspired by WordPress and powered by Unity.
Business Website Address*: https://headjack.io/

Immersion (France)
3, rue Raymond Lavigne
33100 Bordeaux – France
Business Website Address*: Immersion Fr
Long Business Description:

Creating 3D experiences since 1994
European leader in virtual reality, augmented reality and collaborative solutions, in the fields of industry and research.
Come and discover their showroom
Immersion will be pleased to welcome you in Bordeaux in its 150 square metre -showroom to present you our immersive and collaborative solutions.

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Business Phone Number: +33 5 57 54 17 00

Short Business Description*: Improbable mission. This is our mission. Life at Improbable. _news. The latest from Improbable. _careers. Work with us! About Us · Contact Us · Careers · News.
Business Website Address*: https://improbable.io/

Short Business Description*: VR and WebVR agency, building a premium WebVR immersive platform for 360°/VR content.
Business Website Address*: https://www.lucidweb.io/

MiddleVR – Paris
Creative Valley
11 rue Carnot
94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
MiddleVR – Shanghai
1568 Century Avenue
China Fortune Tower, 25F
Shanghai, Pudong
Business Website Address*: http://www.middlevr.com/home/
Long Business Description:

MiddleVR SDK is fully integrated into the powerful 3D application creation tool Unity3D. See MiddleVR for Unity.

Vision: Changing the world with VR
We firmly believe that VR is changing the world through applications such as:

Prototyping: experience a car or a plane before it exists to improve its design and ergonomy,
Training: a wide range of training can be improved through VR, from surgeons’ gestures to maintenance or safety training,
Therapy: VR is an incredible tool for therapists to cure patients through exposure therapy,
Architecture: live and feel your project from inside as if it already exists.
We want to help you focus on your applications to create better and more immersive experiences by providing you with powerful and easy-to-use tools.

The company was founded in early 2012 by Sébastien Kuntz, a software engineer expert in virtual reality with nearly 15 years of experience in developing VR applications and tools.

Sébastien fell in love with VR after a school trip to London in the 90s in an arcade.

Sébastien is a board member of the French VR association AFRV, and the founder & president of the VR Geeks association. He teaches VR at renowned engineering schools (EFREI, ISTIA, INSA …), and game developer schools (ISART Digital…).

He was one of the organizers of the first 3D User Interface contest at 3DUI 2010.

In 2004 he created a VR blog to share his passion.

Laval Virtual

MiddleVR won a Laval Virtual Award, category “Engineering, Assembly and Maintenance”.

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Short Business Description*: Specialised in building immersive content for global brands using the latest techniques in virtual and augmented reality, alongside CGI Animation and 3D Graphics.
Business Website Address*: rendermedia
Long Business Description:

We allow businesses to experience their USP.
Rendermedia is a creative production agency. We specialise in building immersive content for global brands using the latest techniques in virtual and augmented reality, alongside CGI Animation and 3D Graphics.

Masters of storytelling, we work with modern businesses looking for ways to connect, inform and inspire their customers.
VR and AR are revolutionising the B2B landscape, particularly in the realms of aerospace and product engineering where creative visualisations can explain complex systems turning them into compelling and concise user experiences.
Our work delivers scale, context and an emotional connections to an experience which will resonate audiences with your brand.

Rendermedia was founded in 2003 by Mark Miles.
Today, more than a decade on, we are a leading studio dedicated to creating interactive apps and rich visual environments. Let us bring your world alive.

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Short Business Description*: Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Headsets, Microphones - Integrated Systems - Service & Support - Sennheise Discover True Sound - Top-quality products ...
Business Website Address*: https://en-us.sennheiser.com/


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