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Mohamed Jean-Philippe Sangaré

Near-polymath with deep knowledge in various IT fields (management, dev, quality, business, security...) , science and technology and humanities.

I've founded the Swiss Society of Virtual and Augmented Reality which became the leading community in Switzerland.
- Connecting key academic and industrial actors, aim at promoting #XR across the Swiss economic landscape.
- Developing the usage of XR.
- Building strong networks of partners and helping entities to develop business and promote growth with new technologies.
- I organize events and promote XR in local markets (International exhibitions ).

Since 2015, virtual and augmented reality entrepreneur and promoter.
I have built a strong network in Switzerland and also abroad along multiple businesses centered networking events and individual meetings with Ministries/CEO/CIO/Researchers/Innovation managers/Experts.
- Strategic alliances and network event partnership with Google, Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Huawei
- Funds raising, Sponsoring: Zurich ICT Cluster
- Partnership with many IP, SME and startups
- International collaboration with professionals in the US, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, Sénégal
- Connected to world-wide recognized XR experts
- Networking and partner-shipping with investors, ventures capitalists, Business angels

2. As a freelance (14 years): I've worked in more than 20 companies (big and sme) in the following:
-IT PM, Test architect/manager, test automation, performance measurement.
-Software dev (VB/Pascal/Java)
-System engineer

3. Teaching
- IT Professional trainer (SDLC/Testing/Quality)
- Maths/Physics teacher
4. Conference speaking


Konstantin Startchev

Konstantin Startchev is a researcher and developer in the domain of Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

He has a PhD on electrooptic of fractal aggregates and was involved in the Human Genome Project as Post Doc.

In 2001 he leave the university to join a startup company, Manteia SA Predictive Medicine (Coinsins, Switzerland), where he participated in the development of revolutionary technology for high throughput DNA sequencing. Remarkably Manteia’s technology (later acquired by Solexa) is leading on the market now.

In 2007 Konstantin joins Computer Vision Lab, EPFL, where he worked on innovative projects with Alinghi, Hydropter, and Bernard Stamm for reconstruction of the sail shape using a single camera (picture) technique.

He was also involved in the development of bio-inspired fish robot with electric sense vision system.

Currently he is project leader in SocialIN3, (https://main.social-in3.coop) and VP of SSVAR.

The skills of Konstantin are in the field of algorithmic, AI and computer programming.


Dr Takoua Ben Issa

I'm a Scientific Coordinator and Material Scientist with a good experience on quantum chemistry (DFT calculations).

Ph.D. diploma in Chemistry at the University of Monastir- Dept. of Chemistry (Division of Physical Chemistry).
Synthesis and characterization of hybrid materials. Applications of Hybrid materials. Structural, physicochemical characterization and quantum calculations (DFT calculations).
I acquired expertise in:
Technical skills: TGA/DSC,FT-IR and FT-Raman; XRD and structure refinement, NMR (solid state), TEM, SEM, UV-Vis, Material science, solid-state science, hybrid materials synthesis.
Training skills through the training of several undergraduates in our lab who were pursuing their research.