#DIMENSIONSXR2020 : Factories

Join for the presentations, the panel discussion, demos, and networking centered around exploring how immersive technologies are being applied to factories.


Marco Sacco

Dr. Marco Sacco , Senior Researcher, head of CNR-STIIMA Lecco subsidiary, and head of division Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Applications (25 people). President of EuroVR (European Association of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality). His experiences are: VR/MR/AR applied to the life-cycle of the product/process/factory, discrete event and 3D simulation, Knowledge management and Semantic Web. He has been coordinator of European and National projects. He has more than 150 publications, including papers in academic journals and conference proceedings.


Professor Björn Johansson

Professor Björn Johansson performs research on sustainability aspects using virtual tools to analyze and improve production systems for industries. The goal is to create and improve production system performance in order to strive towards a more sustainable future in terms of less environmental impact, socially sound workplaces as well as a healthy economy. The results from the research aims at facilitating use of methodologies and tools for engineers to use while analyzing and creating production systems. Example of application areas are:
- Simulation of complete product lifecycles.
- Dynamic analysis for evaluation of environmental aspects of production systems.
- Realistic 3D animation of production equipment, facilities and environment.
- Layout planning, scheduling, balancing etc.

Worked with over 200 companies on sustainable production system design and improvements. Conducts applied research on high TRL levels together with industries. Written over 100 scientific publications in the area of sustainable development, virtual tools for manufacturing, production systems and simulation. Coaching researchers, tutoring and teaching at PhD/MSc/BSc levels since 1999. Approximately 100 students per year whereof 10-20 yearly as tutor for larger projects.

Continue to develop and apply production systems for a more sustainable manufacturing industry through utilizing virtual tools and analysis.

Specialties: Production system design, sustainable manufacturing, virtual and digital production system analysis, discrete event simulation, layout planning, research and development, project management, application of lean manufacturing.