#DIMENSIONSXR2020 : Invited speakers

Join for the presentations, the panel discussion, demos, and networking centered around exploring how immersive technologies are being studied by researchers all around th world.


Andrea Bravo

PhD Fellow - Information Presentation & Data Visualization: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Tangible User Interfaces

  • Copenhagen Metropolitan Area

Senior information UX designer & lecturer specialized in the communication and visualization of data with new media technologies. My interdisciplinary knowledge brings skilled expertise in the visual creative domain with user-centered methods (UX) and theoretical knowledge in human-computer interaction and cognitive science. My research at DTU focuses on the way of communicating and interacting with data with new media technologies such as Tangible User Interfaces, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

I have a solid international experience as a lecturer and senior information UX designer. Initially I worked in the advertising and fashion industry in Paris and Barcelona for 5 years before switching to research.

Today, I pursue my PhD studies next to my activity as a designer participating in projects merging science, art, and technology in order to make visible and accessible science and engineering research to the wide public.

I consult for companies and accept commissioned work. Please check the following website: https://andreabravo.com/


Katherine Mimnaugh

PhD Researcher in Virtual Reality and Robotics

  • Oulu Area, Finland

Katherine Mimnaugh is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Oulu. She is a 2018 Oculus LaunchPad Fellow and a 2020 recipient of the Google Students with Disabilities Scholarship. She began working with virtual reality in 2016 when she took a VR course at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Her academic background is in clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience, and her master’s thesis research investigated the restorative effects of natural environments in virtual reality. She started the VR for Good Club at the University of Illinois and has given invited lectures on VR for social benefit, preventing cybersickness in virtual systems and cognitive neuroscience for human-computer interaction. In the spring of 2018, she wrote and directed a virtual reality short film about homelessness, Friends Without Addresses VR, which was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and the UN Women's Global Voices Film Festival. As part of the Perception Engineering Group in the Center for Ubiquitous Computing, her research focuses on the measurement of human perception in virtual reality, as well as comfortable interaction and embodiment in virtual robotic telepresence.


Dr. Asmâa Hidki

Chief Medical Officer Associate - Health Informatics Expert at SSVAR -Information Systems/Management Researcher

Medical health informatics is my vocation - Global health & innovation is my passion.--Medical Doctor intern in General Surgery.- Specialised Professional Experte in Health Informatics and Digital Health with Special interest in the Global health informatics & International Management fields in the recent years.MD,MPH,MBA,CHI,DEA Math,PhD candidate .
My up to date linked profile highlight my work experience and education as Public Health & Management Professional, Health IT expert and mainly as E-Health Researcher with specific focus on Global health informatics.

Having been Accepted on 2016 for a Research Consulting &Expertise - Internship at the World Health Organization!! ( Very Delight) which definitely enhanced my Management skills and having a deep insight regarding the work of the WHO in terms of International HealthCare Management.
Always very interested in doing Research in the field of Global Health informatics "GHICS "and in the field of InformationManagement SystemS "HIMS". For that reason--> I am currently Holding two positions in one hand as Scientific EHealth Researcher Assistant AND a PhD cand in Information System & Management in healthcare.

As i am seeking continually to exchange, learn from different top notch scholars - directors researchers in the field of Global health informatics /E-health - Digital health as much as i can to improve my international Management information Systems skills in order to keep moving forward and be able to work as a reliable fellow in Global Health Division or International Organisation or Research Department on the topic of 'Digital E- health &International Healthcare Management of IS' .
Asmâa HIDKI: http://publications.hevs.ch/index.php/authors/show/49/title


Nevicia Case, PhD candidate

How can we create tangible global-scale impact on human health?

I'm currently a doctoral researcher with over 6 years of graduate-level clinical research experience trying to answer this question every day.

I've had the opportunity of direct mentorship from a broad range of brain scientists at the University of Calgary and McGill University, ranging from social psychologists to neurologists. Through these mentorships, I've learned to:
- Source high quality medical science information
- Critically evaluate information
- Identify current gaps in scientific knowledge
- Conduct clinical research with methodological rigour and ethical compliance
- Analyse and interpret data
- Communicate research findings to diverse audiences

It has become clear to me that the applications of high quality medical science research reach far beyond academia. I've become enthusiastic to help research get from academia to market.

Equipped with PMI and other management courses, I co-founded the Health Innovation Initiative and assumed executive positions in McGill's student government. In these roles, I've successfully led several innovation and entrepreneurship events attended by 600+ students and members of the broader Montreal community through a combination of bootstrapping, grants, and corporate fund-raising.

I have also demonstrated passion for the intersections of Mental Health, Technology, and Entrepreneurship through my involvement in numerous local and international extra-curricular projects in areas diverse as mental health of incarcerated youth to "intelligence testing" of artificial intelligence systems.

I offer my academic expertise in neuropsychology and human brain functioning to the industry development of health technologies, artificial intelligence, and social innovations for impactful global mental health applications.

Interests: Adviser, consultant, medical science liaison, medical writer, regulatory affairs official, application scientist.

The key to impact at a global scale? Collaboration. Let's connect!


Rexcel Cariaga

I'm a game developer and multimedia arts instructor with professional experience in desktop and mobile game development. I love conceptualizing gameplay designs emphasizing on user experience and psychology of mobile game patterns. My key strengths include project management, process optimization through the evaluation of new technologies, graphic design, and 3D modeling.

As a proud professor of game development, my students have successfully landed a job in the game industry GameLoft, Casual Connect, Aarki, Inc., and BoomZap entertainment. My e-courses about game development in Udemy, SkillShare and Youtube have garnered over 1000 students worldwide.

I have also conducted several talks and workshops. Among one of them was at the Pocket Gamer's Connect Conference in London, the biggest mobile games show in Europe, where I conducted a talk about UX in Mobile Game Design.