#Dimensionsxr2020 : Paper Submission Guidelines

CAUTION: This page is still under construction. 

1) What are the documents required for Full-Text Paper Submission?

MS Word Users:

Full-Text Paper formatted according to MS Word Template in .docx format.

PDF Version of the paper.

Blind Version of the paper.

LaTeX Users:

Full-Text Paper formatted according to LaTeX Template. LaTex users must upload all files in a rar/zip file.

PDF Version of the paper.

Blind Version of the paper.

2) What are the documents required for Abstract Paper Submission?

The full-text paper is a comprehensive summary of your research study. It should begin with an introduction that covers information on the background or literature reviews introduced in the study, including all citations which are referenced at the end of the paper. The paper should describe in more detail the methodology used, the outcomes or results achieved, as well as any findings, recommendations or conclusions drawn from the study. DO include any notes, figures, tables, appendices, and other additional information to clarify and display data.
3) How to prepare a blind paper?

Abstract Paper formatted accordingly Abstract Template in .docx format

Important Notes:

A Blind paper is NOT requested for abstract submissions.

Abstract submissions can be either oral or e-Poster presentations.

Abstract Submission

The abstract is a self-contained summary of your full-text paper that gives readers a basic understanding of your research. Abstracts should include an explanation of the research objectives and goals, the methods used and the outcomes or results achieved, as well as any findings, recommendations or conclusions drawn from the study. The importance of your research should be clear. DO NOT include any references, figures, equations, or tables. At least four keywords or phrases should also be included.

4) Is there a paper submission checklist?

Yes. Please ensure that your submission meets WASET’s strict guidelines for accepting academic papers. Downloadable versions of the checklist for Full-Text Papers and Abstract Papers.

5) How can I be sure that you have received my paper successfully?

When you complete the 7-Step Paper Submission System, you will receive a confirmation email to the email you have used to register.

You can login to see your submission: (under construction) https://ssvar.ch/dimensionsxr2020-papers/

7-Step Paper Submission System

STEP 1: Choose Paper and Presentation Type

Select your paper type: abstract or full-text paper

Select your presentation type: oral or poster presentation

STEP 2: Paper Title

You will be requested to confirm your paper title corrected automatically by the system according to the capitalization rules.

STEP 3: Author(s) Name(s)

Write as given name, surname and use the addition button to add more authors.

STEP 4: Abstract

Paste text into the box. Maximum 500 words

STEP 5: Keywords

Add at least four keywords or phrases in alphabetical order

STEP 6: Upload the Paper

Make sure your paper is ready for submission.

For Full-Text Paper Submission Check Questions 1, 3, 4

For Abstract Paper Submission Check Question 2

STEP 7: Control

Check that all the information is correct. Click on the ‘Previous Step’ button to go back and make any changes. To complete your submission, click on the ‘These Are Correct, Submit Paper’ button and check your inbox for a confirmation email.

6) Should I submit my abstract before my full-text paper submission?

There are three categories for submissions:

Category 1 - Abstract Submission: You can choose to submit ONLY the abstract part of your paper to appear in the conference proceedings book and CD.

Category 2 - Full-Text Paper Submission: You can choose to submit the full-text version of your research paper to appear to appear in the conference proceedings book and CD.

Category 3 - Abstract to Full-Text Paper Submission: If your full-text paper is not ready or incomplete, you can submit your abstract first. The full-text paper should be submitted prior to the Final Paper (Camera Ready) Submission & Early Bird Registration Deadline, which is online available under the “Important Dates” section of the Conference Homepage.

7) I have already submitted my abstract. I want to send my full-text paper. How can send my full-text paper?

1) Visit the website at (under construction) https://ssvar.ch/dimensionsxr2020-papers/

2) Click the "Upload Revised/Final Paper" button.

3) Click the "Update Paper" button.

4) Choose your paper from the "File" section.

5) Click the "Upload Revised Paper" button.

Note: The size of the file should not exceed 25 MB.

8) What is the minimum/maximum page number for full-text papers?

Full-text papers should be at least four (4) full pages and not exceed more than 15 pages.
9) Is there any limit on the number of authors?

There is no limitation on the number of authors.
10) What is the acceptance rate for submitted papers?

The acceptance rate is 1/5 of submitted papers. Examples of high-quality papers can be viewed at https://ssvar.ch/publications.

11) Can I submit more than one paper to the same conference?

Yes, you can submit additional papers to one conference. An additional paper publication fee is required for each additional paper, to be paid separately. You can find more information about “Additional Paper Publication Fees” on the Conference Homepage in the “Registration Fees” section.

12) My full-text paper is already published, but I want to change title/ author names/content of the paper. Can I do it?

Changes CANNOT be made to a published paper, as it may be already cited as a reference in another publication.


1) What is the difference between an oral presentation and e-Poster presentation?
2) Should I print the poster out?
3) I want to change my presentation type from e-Poster to oral or from oral to e-Poster. How can I change it?
4) What is the template for oral presentations?
5) How long should a presentation last?
6) I have prepared my presentation file. What is the next step?
7) What is the deadline to upload the presentation file?
8) Will you provide me a projector and laptop during the presentation?
9) Can I bring my file in a USB Flash drive?
10) Can I bring my presentation on an external CD?
11) Is it possible to change my presentation day/session on the final program?
1) Who is responsible for revising the paper?
2) I have revised my paper according to the reviwer's comments. How can i upload it to the system?
3) I cannot find the “Upload Revised/Final Paper” button. What should I do?
4) I have received a review from the editorial board titled “Returning Initial Submitted Paper/ Unedited/ Nonformatted Paper”. What does this review mean?
Editors revise your paper and add comments as part of the review process. You must make all the corrections on the paper sent by the editorial board, otherwise the edits that were made will be deleted. If you have received this advisory review notice, it means that you have make the requested corrections in an earlier version of your paper and not the edited version.