A simple framework for creating VR with Lua.
Link: LÖVR

MODO indie on Steam

MODO indie packs powerful industry-leading 3D modeling sculpting and animation tools into an affordable package that's perfect for indie game makers.
Link: MODO indie on Steam



Discover a world of unbounded creativity. Explore a massive asset library and Quixel’s powerful tools plus free in-depth tutorials and resources.
Link: Quixel


Responsive WebVR, headset optional | Boris Smus

VR on the web threatens to cleave the web platform in twain like mobile did before it. The solution then and the solution now is Responsive Web Design which websites to scale well for all form factors. Similarly for VR to succeed on the web we need to figure out how to make VR experiences that work both in any VR headset and also without a VR headset at all. WebVR boilerplate is a new starting point for building responsive web VR experiences that work on popular VR headsets and degrace gracefully on other platforms. Check out a couple of demos a simple one and one ported from MozVR .
Link: Responsive WebVR, headset optional | Boris Smus

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