Best Practices in Enterprise Training with Augmented Reality

As the world’s leading Augmented Reality (AR) device management solution for wearable technology, Augmate is hosting a webinar on how AR drastically improves training efficiency within large field service operations.

Join the world’s largest telecommunications company, Verizon, and a team of global experts that will showcase best practices for deploying an effective enterprise training program with AR. Participants will walk away with a blueprint for implementing a successful program that includes:

Modern AR training methods and why they are crucial to success

– How to build a perfect team of partners to achieve results
– How to avoid pilot purgatory and take it to the next level

The panel of experts includes:
Fraser Bowie, Innovation & Design Leader, Verizon
Alexander Kelly, Director of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Vuzix
Percy Stocker, President Ubimax Americas, Ubimax
Peter Orban, Chief Commercial Officer, Augmate

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