#DIMENSIONSXR2020 Monique Morrow : “Ethical Reboot in an XR towards Creating a Fair Data Economy!”

Our experiences are multifaceted and amplified in
Extended Reality [XR] mode where humans
interpret the world through multiple lenses. The
growing prevalence of augmented and virtual
environments is set to extend our collective
As we reboot together, we have an opportunity to
avoid negative consequences in XR systems
enhanced by Autonomous and
Intelligent Systems where society must proactively
seek solutions, set standards and adopt methods
that can enhance access, innovation and
governance to ensure the human wellbeing.
By adopting a lens of pragmatic introspection,
society can envision a positive outcome for all the
inspiring and immersive realities humanity will
encounter in the near future.
Could we possibly create a Fair Data Economy by
rallying around the Fair Use of Data?

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