Valve Confirms Development on “three full [VR] games, not experiments”

Half-Life in VR, Project xCloud Beta, More Sony News and a Beat Saber Playlist

I tell you what I can process about the newest parts of a first party Valve VR game including the source, the Beta and test information you can expect for project xCloud. I go into a lot of information about the upcoming Sony console including but not limited to: how the PS5 is going to manage those without internet, the first tech demo for the PS5, yet another feature we may be able to expect from the controllers and what the PSVR2 just might look like. Finally, I tell you all about a fitness based Beat Saber playlist and include it below.

Do we get new Valve VR game this year?:

Valve promises 3 full size VR games to launch in 2019:

Valve Confirms Development on “three full [VR] games, not experiments”

Original Source material:

Leaked information regarding Half Life VR:

The first test of Project xCloud:

xCloud Beta sign up link:

PS5 promises 4K Blu-Ray Drive:

Tech Demo of PS5:

New feature for Dual Shock 5 Controllers:

Another exciting new PlayStation 5 feature might’ve just been uncovered

First glimpse at what PSVR2 might look like:

Beat Saber Playlist with fitness in mind:

Actual playlist file:

Varjo VR-2 Pro Headset:

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