[MetaVu-EDU] MS Hololens-based CNC Machine Mixed Reality Training System

When a student wears Hololens of MS company in the training scene where is necessary to practice, a large-sized machine tool of real size appears in front of you.
The learner can look 360 degrees in any direction as if they are looking at the actual machine, and can freely manipulate them in the form of step by step according to the actual machine operation sequence through the gesture (air tap).

Below is a description of the CNC Machine Mixed Reality training system, which is the result of the MetaVu-EDU family created by Extriple Co., Ltd.

http://www.metavu.kr, http://www.extriple.com

MetaVu-EDU: CNC Machine Virtual / Mixed Reality Training System

This is currently being used in education at KOREATECH(koreatech.ac.kr) university.
◈ CNC Machine Virtual / Mixed Reality Training System Overview.
By implementing the basic usage method of CNC machine, which is essential for machining process in various industrial fields, as a mixed reality based on virtual and real space, ordinary people who do not know machine mechanism can quickly and safely perform infinite loop learning You can easily learn and follow through.

◈ Effects of existing curriculum
▶ Virtual learning of the operation state of equipment which is difficult to learn by theory
▶ Intuitive and immersive experience with realistic education and training system
▶ Increase educational effect by repeated learning without restriction of time and space
▶ Eliminate the problem of shortage of training opportunities due to lack of existing expensive educational equipment
▶ Elimination of the opportunity to lose practice opportunity due to equipment loss
▶ Solve safety problems of students
▶ Solving problems such as practice place constraints
▶ Reducing the cost of introducing education and training reporters

Existing curriculum (2nd step): Theoretical education → Practical equipment training
Improved Curriculum (6th step): Theoretical Education → Virtual Reality Learning → Virtual Reality Practice → Space Based Mixed Reality Practice → Practical Equipment + Mixed / Augmented Reality Practice → Practical Equipment Practice

◈ MetaVu is a wearable mixed reality platform created by Extriple Co., Ltd.

MetaVu is a compound word of [meta (from Greek μετά) + View (French Vu)]
It is the will to offer the best experience to the customer through the constant change between the reality and the virtual, beyond the reality, and the uncharted world like meta’s origin and dictionary meaning (between, behind, and over).

MetaVu expands your senses and capabilities to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as cost and time.
We are provides mixed reality (MR) / augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) solutions optimized for various industries.

◈ Meta View Products
▶ MetaVu-MRO: Products for maintenance, training, operation support
▶ MetaVu-EDU: Realistic education and training system
▶ MetaVu-iSAFETY: IoT, augmented reality based industrial safety product
▶ MetaVu-Remote: Products for remote collaboration
▶ MetaVu-Smart Factory: Products for Smart Factory 3D Monitoring / Management
▶ MetaVu-RTLS: real-time indoor / outdoor precision positioning system

Make by Extriple Co., Ltd. in South Korea.

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