We are a small dev team from Brazil and this is our multiplayer arena prototype, the game uses shields and a revive system to encourage team work. It's called Laser Storm VR Team Arena.
byu/NatasBR inOculusQuest

NEW Standalone VR Headset! Oculus Quest Walking Dead VR, VR Card Game & More

NEW Standalone VR Headset! Oculus Quest Walking Dead VR, VR Card Game & More | A FIRST FOR A STANDALONE VR HEADSET, D&D VR AT ITS BEST, NEW VR TECH AND MORE!

Welcome back, you know the drill, 5 VR news stories you missed over the past few days, let’s get into the Virtual Reality News. We start with Daashi VR and why sometimes simple virtual reality gaming is best. We review Vr Tabletop Games, Hearthstone VR, and a VR card Game in general, I would love Magic The Gathering VR on the Oculus Quest. The Walking Dead VR to make Oculus Quest history as The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners release window is 2020. A possible New Samsung Odyssey may be coming and for sure a New Standalone VR Headset is to be revealed in February. Let’s get into the VR news

Links Making Me Happy
Laser Storm VR Team Arena

Cheap VR Full Body Tracking By The Mysticle

VR Disc Golf

I’ve been working on a VR game for disc golf ever since I was first introduced to it last December. This is an early prototype! What do you think? from discgolf

Daashi VR

Tavern Tales Tabletop Gaming + VR Tabletop Games (D&D VR)

Tavern Tales: Tabletop Adventures – Closed Beta sign-ups now available! (Info in comments) from OculusQuest

Tavern Tales VR Tabletop Games Discord
Hearthstone VR
Walking Dead VR The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
New Samsung Odyssey

New Samsung Odyssey With 4 Cameras Spotted In China Design Patent

Lynx New Standalone VR Headset


VR Bounty Hunters:
Lucas Rizzotto
Frank Robertson
Semenov Sergey
Nathan Teel
Robert Waldron
Michael Burr
Paval Klyok
Alex Checkley
Bryan Rivera Velazquez
Cesar Henzelin
Cedric De
Stian Thu
Shaun Ashment
Mario Perez
Mikey Jensen

VR Cowboy:
Ryan Duplantier instagram.com/the_silversoul_2.0
Paul Champion twitter.com/Romoret
CTection (CaptchaBot Sold For Discord) https://discordcaptcha.xyz/
Dean Chambers (StickyWidget)
Steve Berube
Patrick Garske
th3 n0thin9
Stian Thu
Pete Forde
Casper Thamdrup
Santiago Fernandez
Maarten Lemey
Curtis Addo

VR Space Cowboys:
Ailyn Kara: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu8_oqdIu4SYYOjzjNRyWZg
Derek Snow
Art_Team 21 (Ilysia VR MMO Developer) : Join their discord for game updates! https://discord.gg/vsYCcXP
CyberDoomer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jg9aTCgjWg
Leonard Larsen
OculusQuestFun https://www.youtube.com/user/tedirelan
Bryan Orosco
Dyer Richardson: instagram.com/the_dyer_richardson
Ninjoe: https://www.youtube.com/user/techNextNow
Mr. Jotatohead
Nathaniel Rodriguez
Dead Robot
VR DrunkenMonkey
Daddy Ty

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