Sony patent may hint at features of rumored PSVR 2

The BEST New VR Headset No One is Talking About

Hello and welcome to Tuesday VR Newsday

Its not Tuesday I know, but some crazy stuff happened and I was kind of unable to post this last tuesday, so… here is a temporary FRIDAY NEWSDAY. Sorry guys :/

Dont worry Tuesday Newsday will be back up next week!



Here is everything I cover:

New Varjoy VR headset

Varjo’s VR-2 Pro Kills Screen Door Effect, Tracks Fingers, And Runs SteamVR Content

Sony PSVR2 tracking techniques Patents

Sony patent may hint at features of rumored PSVR 2

Sony AR Headset

Meme break:

Students Develop VR Massage Parlor To Train Police How To Identify Sex Trafficking

Google Discontinues Daydream

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