The Future of Tennis Coaching | Mixed Reality Experience

This video shows a HoloLens / AR Tennis Coaching application developed for a sports technology company based in Tennessee! Levi Lais and I worked together to bringing to life the vision of bringing the Tennis Coaching experience into the modern age with the Microsoft HoloLens. Let us know what you think in the comments!

What does it do?
The tennis coaching app allow coaches and students to enhance their tennis training sessions by saving time, effort, and increasing effectiveness. The coach can place virtual targets on the real tennis court and have the students try to aim at the targets. The coach can record the students success rate within the application and keep track of session statistics using voice or gestures. This is all done without the hassle of placing and cleaning up real targets, and dealing with a mess of papers and pencils to record progress and stats.

Is that it?
No! Still under development and in future plans are the ability to monitor and analyze racket swings, player stance and posture, game scores, real-time ball tracking, remote coaching sessions, video sharing, and so much more!

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Special thanks to William Sokol Erhard for development support

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UI/UX/Graphic Design by Levi Lais of App Volks LLC

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