Virtual Reality Education and Learning Salon for Innovative Leaders

Speaker 1: Shayna Skolnik, CEO and Co-Founder, Navteca 19:10 – 38:19

With Shayna’s leadership, Navteca is investigating practical uses of VR for culture, education, and science while also providing consulting services in the public and private sector and exploring broad applications in many sectors (energy, emergency management, climate, public health, etc.) Navteca has also received funding to do a study as to what the scientific applications of VR are and identify case studies like a proof of concept for a lab at the FDA about the feasibility of using VR as a method for cancer diagnosis. Additionally Shayna shared with me, “we are 360 content creators, and have done projects for clients like the Government of Spain, Vote It Loud, and other mission-driven groups. I am excited to share that Navteca has been awarded a spot in the Newseum’s Top 10 VR Content Exhibit for next month in Washington, DC. This is an interactive VR exhibit that features the nation’s best 360 content. The current exhibit features pieces done by the Washington Post, Discovery, The New York Times, USA Today, and others, so this is a huge honor. DC Lights (filmed at different locations over 12 months) is the piece that will be included at the Newseum. Finally, Navteca has been invited to SXSW Eco in October to showcase our VR work! We will be in Austin, TX showing our climate change 360 content that combines NASA data and 360 video. I’m really excited about using VR for science storytelling and thrilled that SXSW Eco chose us to showcase this new medium.”

Speaker 2: Peggy Wu, Sr. Research Scientist, Smart Information Flow Technologies 38:43 – 57:17

Leading innovations in technologies (VR, games, AI) for societal benefit. 15+ years in research and industry. Secured $8M+ in research funding, 50+ peer reviewed publications and 3 patents. Recipient of multiple NASA, DoD, and private grants ranging from Virtual Reality to support astronauts in future long duration exploration class missions to Mars, to AI for psychometrics, to socio-linguistic for psychological health and socially intelligent virtual agents/avatars.

Speaker 3: Jason Ganz, CEO Agora VR 57:45 – 1:11:00

Jason Ganz is a virtual reality expert, innovator, entrepreneur and tech-optimist. He is the CEO of Agora VR, a virtual reality communications company dedicated to reshaping the ways we share information. Jason writes for SingularityU Hub and has spoken at TedxTalk. He is a 2014 graduate of American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Q & A 1:11:00 – 1:59:14

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