Virtual Reality Used To Train Soldiers: Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer (RVTT)

The Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer (RVTT) is a collective training simulator that provides a fully immersive virtual environment that trains units from crew through platoon level on tactics, techniques, and procedures in direct support of wheeled maneuver collective training tasks.

Weapons simulators available are the M998/M1026 HMMWVs and M977/M987 HEMTTs with replicated M16A4, M4, M249, M2, M240B, MK19, M9, and AT4 weapons. The virtual environment can portray day, night and all climate conditions (e.g. fog, snow, wind and rain) on a variety of geo-specific terrain.

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Credits: DoD
Derivative Works: AiirSource Military Channel

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