Yes, AI exists, but it will not save the world !

Yes, artificial intelligence exists, but it will not save the world !

This talk made in October , 2020 has been given during the International Congress of Extended Reality in Sciences ( organized by the Swiss Society of Virtual and Augmented Reality (SSVAR –
Associate Consultant at Aveyo, a management consulting company, Emmanuel Keita has a 20 years multi-disciplinary background in mathematics and information system management.

“Augmented Intelligence Evangelist”, he loves popularizing decision making discernment to different audiences : “AI is more than data !”
National defense auditor (France), Emmanuel was contributor of the “Villany report” ( AI’s French strategy, 2018) and author of an article “Le potentiel des réseaux bayésiens” in Défense & Stratégie Internationale (2019). He also wrote an article in a forthcoming book “Risque et principe de précaution”, Coll. Philosophie du Droit, Dalloz (2020).

The scientific reality of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very different from the fantasies conveyed by a sci-fi marketing.

As an example, the Covid19 pandemic has precisely highlighted the limits of “Deep Machine Learning” for decision making in crisis situations : like a colossus with feet of clay, this type of “AI” that specializes in reproducing the “big data” of the past is completely disoriented by novelty…

More than ever we need to be able to reconcile the computing power of machines and the unique human business expertise to meet the real needs of decision makers !

Speaker’s page

The intro video has been made by Dragan Stiglic:

The director:
Mohamed Jean-Philippe Sangaré
Founder and CEO of SSVAR

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