CAE HPSN World 2019 “Augmented Reality in Healthcare” Panel

Presenting the future of #mixedreality in healthcare simulation during #hpsnworld19 with Eric Kamont of #Microsoft followed by a discussion on Microsoft #HoloLens in healthcare training. Panelists include Jay Reid of Medtronic, Dr. Davinder Ramsingh of Loma Linda University, Dr. Jared Staab of University of Kansas Medical Center and Eric Kamont with moderator Devin Johns...

CAE and Microsoft – Improving Safety with Innovative Training Technology

CAE offers virtual-to-live, simulation-based training solutions that assess human performance and help improve overall safety from healthcare and civil aviation, to defense and security operations. In working with Microsoft, #CAEHealthcare uses advanced #healthcaresimulation and #augmentedreality technology (Microsoft HoloLens) to train clinicians and health care providers to improve #patientsafety. Learn more at

Hololens In-Action at Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University and Microsoft are transforming healthcare with the augmented reality system known as Hololens. Using the system for educating the next generation of caregivers and studying ways to take it from the classroom to the exam room and ultimately the operation room, researchers are ushering in a new generation...

Where augmented reality meets healthcare | Nadine Hachach-Haram | TEDxCoventGardenWomen

In this highly inspiring talk, Nadine Haram Hachach illustrates how technological innovations are reshaping healthcare and medical services. By sharing her journey developing an augmented reality collaborative platform combining the power of telecommunication and augmented reality, she demonstrates how technology can become an unstoppable force for good. This talk was given at...


Medical Applications of VR and AR Technology | #SVVR2017

Walter Greenleaf, PhD, Stanford University Medicine and health care will be one of the largest and deepest markets for virtual reality and augmented reality technology. This workshop will bring together the leading research scientists, clinicians, and entrepreneurs to discuss the opportunities and challenges of developing clinical and wellness products that leverage VR/AR. Examples will be...

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