EduTECH 2019 Teacher Demonstration: Creating learning experiences with Mixed Reality

As a Learning Designer for the NSW Department of Education, Laurens Derks outlines the STEMShare Community program and how NSW schools can get involved to create student learning experiences using virtual reality. Discover what you can do with Windows Mixed Reality in the classroom: Access Laurens' presentation:

6. Virtual and Mixed Reality for Medical Education

Virtual and mixed reality involve the use of computer technology to create simulated and hybrid environments. Popular for their gaming applications, virtual and mixed reality, with their futuristic affect, never fail to dazzle audiences. But VR/MR technology is much more than a game. Virtual and mixed reality systems have recently caught the eye of healthcare professionals eager to sharpen their skills. Now popular for medical education, VR/MR programs provide simulation training that serves to enhance traditional medical schooling. Education via simulation is a productive step toward the system’s most adept and confident healthcare providers.

Mixed reality in the classroom

Brand new technology in the classroom: students immerse themselves in a “mixed reality” and use HoloLens glasses to learn a fundamental principle of proteins. The HoloLenses are used in a Computer-Assisted Drug Design course at ETH Zurich run by Gisbert Schneider, Professor in the same named field. Read more: What the colours stand for: White: hydrogen Skin tones: carbon Yellow: sulphur Red: oxygen Blue layer: 1.4-angstrom surface that is produced by moving a water molecule over the surface of the protein. The water molecule has a diameter of 1.4 angstroms. Red layer: 6-angstrom surface that is produced if you take a probe with a diameter of 6 angstroms. - - - ETH Social Media Links: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter EN: LinkedIn:

Mixed Reality for Medical Education – Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality

Medical Education yang telah menggunakan tehnology Mixed Reality, mempermudah untuk mengeksplorasi tubuh manusia dengan 3D Model Realistic sesuai dengan standard kedokteran., " Mixed Reality = Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality " Teknologi Mixed Reality membutuhkan bahasa program yang lebih kompleks namun hasilnya sangat mengesankan, dan yang paling utama adalah memudahkan proses dalam eksplorasi tubuh manusia , please watch the video :)

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