[ Industry XR ] VR and AR in Industry 4.0 :: Logistics

XR technologies are taking Industry 4.0 by storm. This video shows how both VR and AR can be used in logistics for streamlining the vehicle and goods inspection process. All material is based on a case study done with our client BCUBE Projektlogistik GmbH. Working with XR technologies in logistics is a two step process. A brief description follows. Virtual Reality is used for the onboarding process and basic skill training. The VR aplication has two modes: tutorial and exam. The workers have the option of practising using the tutorial before they test their skills in exam mode. Time and quality of performance is taken into the final skill assesment. After passing the exam workers can move to step two - working with AR in the field. AR smartglasses are used for enchancing the work on site. Completly voice controlled they allow workers to do their job more efficiently and with less error. They also streamiline the whole process and completly eliminate the problem of digitalizing reports, photographs and other documents. The data is stored safely and is easily accessible by overviewing managers. Want to learn more about VR and AR in Industry 4.0? ========================================== Join our Linkedin group - Virtual (VR), Augumented (AR) and Assisted Reality in Industry 4.0 :: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8639268/ More about #GiantLazer and #IndustryXR WWW :: https://giantlazer.com WWW :: https://industry-xr.com FB :: https://facebook.com/giantlazer IG :: https://instagram.com/giantlazer

Manufacturing & After Sales (On-Asset Self Assist & Asset Management)

Use Case Details: Device: Microsoft Hololens Asset: Industrial Refrigeration Cabinet Demonstration includes holographic (spatial) visualization of - Previous maintenance records, - Exploded Parts on the digital twin of the asset, - Self Training solution for the field team member (Self Train), - The alert created by the "Condition based Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance System" that is currently in place, - Instructions (Self Assist) for the prescribed maintenance required for the asset

Industrial uses cases for VR and AR by Lumiscaphe

By David GRAHAM, Managing Director Lumiscaphe Japan 21 March 2019 --- The Industry introduces new uses, from conception to marketing, and through engineering. Creation, visualization, and digital data sharing tools are at the heart of companies digital transformation. Lumiscaphe develops AR and VR solutions for these new uses. Through concrete use cases, we will share our vision with you and will demonstrate how we create value for the industrialists. --- Would you like to meet renowned speakers during #LavalVirtual 2020? Get your Full Pass now: https://bit.ly/2Pn0Eam

The Use Of Virtual Reality in Healthcare Industry – How Medicine Benefit From Using VR Technology

VR is not just about games and fun; it's also about painless medical treatment and faster recovery. And this video is full of perfect examples of how technology is used in the healthcare industry. Read the full article about Virtual Reality use cases in medicine following the link: https://skywell.software/blog/virtual-reality-in-healthcare/ #virtualrealityinhealthcare #virtualrealityinmedicine #skywellsoftware

Virtual reality training with MX crusher

Virtual Reality or VR is one of the many digital technologies transforming the heavy machinery and process industries. Watch how MX3 can be explored with VR and read more about our use cases at: https://www.metso.com/blog-hub/blog-metso-digital-knowledge/virtual-reality-in-industrial-applications/

Virtual Reality Bike Ride – VR use case for the Real Estate Industry

We are proud to show off our Virtual Reality bike ride experience that we created for Reed's Crossing, Newland Communities. The technology of VR and AR are amazing tools for the Real Estate Industry. Reed's Crossing is a new mixed-use housing community in Hillsboro, OR - right outside of Portland, OR. As a Boutique Creative Agency, Reflective Brands specializes in Immersive Technologies. We partner holistically with businesses, transforming them into industry leaders, by creating engaging experiences with the latest technologies. https://reflective.design/

VR Use Case – tool simulating head movement, helps you run automated tests on VR apps

Do you like to play VR games? How about testing them? VR and Augmented Reality were one of the main subjects at the 2019 edition of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With new advances in the industry, testers need to bring their creativity to the table. At Altom, we are keen on using automation whenever we find mechanical, repetitive actions. The TurnTable is a tool that simulates various movements (like head movements) so that we can run automated tests on apps for panoramic photos or on some more complex projects, like VR applications and games. Find out more https://altom.com/testing-tools/turntable/

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