The 12 Industries Impacted By Augmented Reality. Why?

Augmented Reality

#IIFVAR | The International Investment Forum in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in #Zurich

“The 12 Industries Augmented Reality Will Impact Most and Why”


In the future, all industries and everyone living on earth will be have the opportunity to use Augmented Reality-assisted systems to help them live and work better. Between now and then there are many bumps in the road.

There will be hundreds of millions (or more) invested. Thousands of companies will fail. Hundreds will be acquired. Dozens will become global powerhouses. To have the greatest return on investment, to reach the top and win, requires deeply understanding the drivers of Augmented Reality adoption and avoiding the traps.

This talk provides investors and innovators key insights gained by closely studying and being involved in some of the biggest projects with some of the brightest innovators the field of Augmented Reality for over a decade.


Christine Perey

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Board Member, Sponsor Member of AR for Enterprise Alliance and Spime Wrangler - Widely-recognized consultant, researcher and industry analyst focusing on enabling technologies for and use of Augmented Reality since 2006. - Provide leadership and innovation services to IT organizations and executives of large enterprises, governmental and multi-governmental agencies, and non-commercial entities with the goal of introducing and maturing Augmented Reality technologies for the purpose of improving operational performance and safety, - Founder and, from 2013 to 2016, the first Executive Director of the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), the only global member-based organization focusing on accelerating adoption of Augmented Reality in enterprise, - Founder and chair of the Augmented Reality Community, a global grassroots organization seeking to accelerate development of open and interoperable Augmented Reality content and experiences, and - Founding Director of PEREY Research & Consulting, a boutique consulting firm. PEREY Research and Consulting provides expertise and thought leadership in all domains of Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and other adjacent technologies. We advise customers, vendors, application providers, research institutes and network operators on the design, launch and operation of Augmented Reality-enhanced technologies, products and services. With our clients and partners we also manage and launch technology transfer programs, emerging technology and market growth initiatives, and global contests for Augmented Reality experience providers. All our initiatives cross domains in order to understand end-to-end requirements and build robust business strategies. - I am a pioneer in recognizing opportunities early and building the market for dynamic media technologies in personal computing and communication devices. For example, I founded, edited and published the “QuickTime Forum” for QuickTime developers from 1991 to 1993. PEREY Research & Consulting
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