Announcing the Google Forms API

Zapier , a leading workflow automation platform, will leverage the new Google Forms API to deliver a better experience for Zapier and Google Workspace users. Today, thousands of businesses use Zapier to connect Google Forms to 4k+ applications to automate tasks and key workflows. To date, Zapier has used the Google Drive and Google Sheets...

[Melodic Speedcore] Jienyo – World Wide Genocide

Mapper: icantjumpwell Yoooo I really wanted to map this jammer, such an amazing song WalterJAM Goes up to 300BPM Artist is pretty underrated, check out more amazing stuff here: Tweets by jien_yo Didnt forget lighting this time… epic Ich wäre bei so einer Geschwindigkeit komplett überfordert respekt SeemsGood Source: [Melodic Speedcore] Jienyo –...

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