Check Out This Fanmade Stardew Valley VR Concept Video

A Reddit user has created a prototype VR version of the popular game Stardew Valley, allowing you to plant and tend to crops just like the famous simulator and farming game.

Stardew VRalley from r/oculus

Stardew Valley is a simulation RPG that was initially released in 2016 on Windows and has since released on almost all flatscreen gaming platforms. You play as the recent inheritor of a farm, which you’ll have to tend to day-to-day through the in-game seasons, while also fostering relationships with the other residents of the small town. Reddit user u/TheMikeDaoust’s prototype for the VR version of the game uses some sounds and assets from Stardew Valley and sees the player mark areas to plant and crop their farm.

Commenting on the Reddit post, u/TheMikeDaoust said the video is “just a little prototype” and that they “don’t really have any plans to work on it beyond this.” So don’t get your hopes up for a playable version on your headset anytime soon.

That being said, while we’re not expecting any Stardew Valley VR support or ports anytime soon, there’s a couple of games in a similar vein you could check out if you’re interested. Back in July last year, Jamie remarked that the Oculus Studios title Raccoon Lagoon basically looked like Stardew Valley in VR, with a bit of Animal Crossing mixed in. You can view some gameplay footage of Raccoon Lagoon embedded below.

Likewise, Garden of the Sea from Neat Corporation also has a similar, soothing farm-life vibe to it and is available in early access for PC VR. 

What do you think about this Stardew Valley VR concept, and what’s your favorite Stardew-esque VR game? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Check Out This Fanmade Stardew Valley VR Concept Video

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