Free Song ‘Akuma’ Is Cloudhead’s 12th Track For Pistol Whip

Canada-based Cloudhead Games is adding its 12th track ‘Akuma’ from Kannibalen Records to rhythm shooting VR game Pistol Whip.

The new track and update arrives February 6 at 10 am Pacific.

Pistol Whip is available on Oculus Quest as well as all PC VR headsets. The developers are also planning to release it for PSVR but we don’t have a release date yet. The game released in November and we rated it 5/5 stars with the included 10 tracks. Built-in modifiers like dual wield and the incredibly challenging “Deadeye” mode, which turns off the default auto-aim assistance, add significant depth to its Beat Saber-meets-Superhot style of non-stop body-moving action.

Pistol Whip. Scene 12.

Track: Akuma
Artist: @hvdesmusic
Label: @KannibalenRecs

New scene launches FREE on February 6, 10am PT.

— Pistol Whip (@PistolWhipVR) February 3, 2020

In December, Cloudhead added an 11th song called High Priestess inspired by the movie Oldboy which focused on the game’s titular tactic of pistol whipping baddies. “Akuma” from hvdesmusic is the game’s 12th track and it’ll be free in the new update. According to Cloudhead, the new update also lays the groundwork for monthly updates going forward leading up to E3 2020, with a new free scene planned for each update.

The new track “Akuma” features a background inspired by cyberpunk Japan and the Neo-Tokyo depicted in anime classics like Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

We’ve been hooked on Pistol Whip’s incredible action sequences since its release and look forward to seeing how the game evolves in future updates. We know PSVR owners are anxious to play it as well and its forward-facing design makes it a great fit for the headset’s tracking system. We’ll update readers as soon as we know when it’ll launch on Sony’s headset.

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Source: Free Song ‘Akuma’ Is Cloudhead’s 12th Track For Pistol Whip

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