Why Haptics Are Important For VR/AR/MR?


#IIFVAR | The International Investment Forum in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in Zurich (Technopark) 20 April 2017 |

“Why Haptics Are Important For VR/AR/MR? ”

These years are described as the transition from the information era, to the experience era. The explosion of Virtual and Augmented Reality is based on this transition.
How do we interact with it?
We can’t interact like in real life because we do not experience the correct touch sensation while we see the hand approaching the virtual object. The result is an unnatural interaction with Virtual Reality.
Today, it does not exist a solution to let user interact with the Virtual Reality in a natural way. Haptics is a fundamental piece to solve this long standing issue, along with a credible physics and a credible reproduction of the hand. It is fundamental to generate a credible immersion in VR during manipulation tasks. The Haptics technology invented by Go Touch VR can provide the minimum viable solution for this problem, and can be integrated into any Headset platform.

Eric Vezzoli

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Eric is a passionate innovator in Haptics and Virtual Reality able to translate an intuition into a working system. He holds a PhD in Haptics from INRIA and Lille University, and a MS in Physics Engineering from Politecnico of Milano, giving him both a strong theoretical and practical background. The multinational and industry-related working environment in which he is involved helped him to develop the skills to communicate, understand and propose project and ideas effectively with partners from different background and interests, and assemble and manage a team to deliver the results in required time schedule. He has multiple patents pending and published 10 + papers. Skills: Curious, Energetic, Open-Minded, Creative, and Collaborative.
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