Ven Is A Promising New VR Platformer Like Astro Bot Or Moss

Well, this seems to have sprung up out of nowhere. Poland-based Monologic Games just announced a new VR adventure game named Ven, amd it looks delightful.

A brief teaser trailer for Ven was revealed yesterday. Similar to games like Astro Bot or Moss, it’s a platformer in which players embody one character in first-person and then control another in third-person. Cast as an intergalactic police officer on the hunt of some dangerous fugitives, you meet Ven, a young fox-like creature out to protect his home planet of Runnies (what a name).

Together you’ll venture across the planet to save Ven’s companions. That’ll mean jumping across platforms and navigating obstacles. Interestingly, the game is played with tracked motion controllers, allowing you to reach into Ven’s world and interact with him directly.

The trailer mostly shows off Ven’s jumping abilities, though it does look he’s armed with some sort of melee weapon.

Though you might not think third-person platformers would work well in VR, they often prove to be some of the most immersive and compelling titles out there. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, for example, remains one of PSVR’s best games thanks to its striking diorama-sized levels, sense of innovation and bond between player and protagonist. Hopefully, Ven might be able to pull off something similar.

Ven is due for release on PC VR and PSVR in Q2 2020. No word on a possible Quest release just yet but we’ve got our fingers crossed. We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this one.

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Source: Ven Is A Promising New VR Platformer Like Astro Bot Or Moss

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