Wireless VR for Training and Maintenance in 10 Steps by NUMENA

Ever wondered what it takes to create a virtual reality application for training? Here are the ten main steps involved:

00:06 Step 01: What is a VR training app?

01:22 Step 02: Can my company benefit from VR training?

01:51 Step 03: What do I need to know about VR hardware?

02:12 Step 04: How to choose the right VR developer

02:30 Step 05: What information does my VR developer need to get started?

02:57 Step 06: How is the 3D data processed?

03:44 Step 07: How do interactions come about?

04:33 Step 08: What about the environment?

04:47 Step 09: Live collaboration

05:15 Step 10: Final application and deployment

Visit their website : https://www.numena.de/


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