SSVAR #XRCOL2020 : Unrivaled XR Program & Rollout Strategy

#XRCOL2020 Online conference : XR(eXtended Reality) for collaboration, online learning, conferences & remote working

Presentation given during the #XRCOL2020 Online conference organised by SSVAR (

#Speaker : Dr. Sana Farid – Ai & XR strategist, CEO – Munfarid | MENA Chapter President – VRAR Association | Regional Head – IVRHA, Evira Health

The XR technological boom has invited several players to the market. As a result, sifting through the options available is quintessential. The usage of an approved system that bears standardized hardware and software is of utmost importance.
The talk describes the All-Important Match, it’s crucial to define the judging criteria to deem any particular XR system as acceptable or approved.

Jean-Philippe Mohamed Sangaré

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President - CEO Virtual and augmented reality promoter in Switzerland. Senior IT project manager, Test architect / manager expert in test management, test automation, performance measurement. Professional trainer.
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