SSVAR #XRCOL2020 : Spatial Computing with Azure Mixed Reality, Digital Twins and HoloLens 2

#XRCOL2020 Online conference : XR(eXtended Reality) for collaboration, online learning, conferences & remote working
Presentation given during the #XRCOL2020 Online conference organised by SSVAR (


Valorem Research & Innovation Director | Microsoft RD & MVP | Thought Leader | Speaker | Dev | Spatial Computing | AI

 Abstract :

It’s an amazing time to be alive and experience what was previously science fiction becoming a reality with Spatial Computing devices like the HoloLens 2 and the AR Cloud, the digital copy of our physical world.
In this session Rene will talk about the current state of the technology and explain why Spatial Computing with VR/AR/Mixed Reality is a key technology for the fourth industrial revolution and is dramatically changing how humans interact with computers.
He will demonstrate some of his HoloLens Mixed Reality projects including a Holographic Digital Twin and how to render huge 3D models on the HoloLens.
He will also provide a future perspective of Mixed Reality combined with AI Deep Learning for intelligent edge augmented intelligence scenarios. Furthermore, will Rene explain why the AR Cloud with Azure Spatial Anchors are the next big thing by showcasing lots of enterprise and consumer use cases.
Which includes a live demo of HoloBeam!

For a longer version, please watch this:

Jean-Philippe Mohamed Sangaré

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President - CEO Virtual and augmented reality promoter in Switzerland. Senior IT project manager, Test architect / manager expert in test management, test automation, performance measurement. Professional trainer.
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