How To Use Augmented Reality Technology In An Industrial Environment

Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Innovation Suite, powered by PTC augmented reality technology, will let you see into the actual mechanics of your machines and help your technicians revolutionize how they interact with industrial technology. Learn more here:

The Market Opportunity for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

This video features a panel discussion with industry experts from both the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sectors. David Wheelen is the CEO of VR Education Holdings PLC. They run a platform called 'Engage' which allows Educators and Corporate Trainers to teach remotely whilst creating and sharing their own content - it's a little bit like a virtual reality version of powerpoint. Nikki Lannen is the CEO of a games company called Warducks. They are mostly focused on mobile augmented reality and have produced the top-selling VR games for the playstation. Martin Higginson is the CEO of Immotion Group PLC. They focus on out of home VR experiences and partner with organisations such as Merlin Entertainments. Sam Huber is the founder of Admix which is one of the first monetisation platforms for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Their platform allows advertisers to place non-intrusive advdertising in VR and AR. They currently place around £200m of ads per month. Immersive experiences are already present in our day to day live. The prevalent and well known examples are in the AR sector - think snapchat. AR is far more common than VR as users are only required to have a smartphone or tablet in order to engage with it. VR devices not widely owned, so although the technology is advanced, it has yet to hit the mainstream. In the 1960's people rushed out to buy TV's so that they could watch the moon landings, and it will probably take a similar event to bring VR into the people's everyday lives. The panel discuss current trends in VR & AR, take a look emerging technologies and the challenges they face, as well as unearthing future trends for investors. Has VR and AR Peaked? Watch the speakers and decide for yourself!


Interest in augmented reality (AR) is exploding as innovators explore the business relevance and roles AR can play in workforce enablement and customer experience and interaction. This emerging technology holds tremendous promise for changing the way businesses operate. Tell us in the comments below, which one do you thinks is the best? ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- Here at TechnoNerd, we upload videos regularly about Futuristic Technologies, Latest Gadgets, and Trending Inventions. If you are a fan of these too then; SUBSCRIBE NOW ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- Other Interesting Videos: 5 AWESOME PERSONAL TRANSPORT MACHINES- 5 BEST WIRELESS EARBUDS 2017- 5 BEST EARLY BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ON AMAZON- ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- FEATURED 5 BEST AUGMENTED REALITY TECH 2018: #5 WayRay- #4 Hololens- #3 Worksense- #2 Vuzix Blade- #1 Magic Leap One- Music Used ?: Song: Future- Power Hungry Music provided by S.I. Publishing (SOCAN) ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- Explore Our Playlists: MIND BLOWING INVENTIONS FUTURISTIC GADGETS ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook- Twitter- Google Plus- ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- We hope you enjoyed the video. Hit the thumbs up button & share 5 BEST AUGMENTED REALITY TECH 2018. To watch more interesting video videos, subscribe to TechnoNerd. Until the next video, Peace.

Augmented reality in use for industry 4.0 and building technology

▶ Augmented reality facilitates processes in industrial automation and building automation and forms the basis for digitalization. ▶ AR systems can be used in the facility management as well as in in-house tool shops for optimizing processes and reducing the error rate. In in-house tool shops the networking of all machines and tools in production can reduce the setup times of injection molding systems. Every workspace offers access to tool data and databases with animations and 3D models on every tool. ▶ In the facility management AR data are used by the building management system Emalytics from Phoenix Contact for the optimal management of your processes. Thanks to the intelligent networking of the entire building technology, every user has access to the right information at the right time. ▶ For more information about our building automation solutions check out our website: ▶ Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive the latest news & updates:

Example of the use of augmented reality in manufacturing

Asahi Beverages is using augmented reality glasses to allow almost instant access to specialist support when production equipment breaks down in remote locations. Previously, technical specialists would often need to fly out to fix remote issues – an enormously expensive delay in a process where minutes of downtime count as many dollars in lost production. Now, local operators supply the eyes and the physical presence, with specialist expertise supplied remotely. On the back of estimated savings from the pilot, Asahi is enthusiastically expanding the technology to other locations.

More than Reality

The Siemens staff at the French power plant in Toul, the O&M Training Center and Innovation Management showcase how augmented reality can support operation, maintenance and training in the energy business. Morre information on Siemens Power Generation Services:

Virtual and augmented reality for industrial use

Singularity Lab is a VR\AR company focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to the customers in terms of professional training and working process. For more information check out our website - And follow us on Facebook -

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