Sharp | Augmented Reality Training

Sharp Augmented Reality training is a tool for teaching operational concepts and troubleshooting techniques for complex systems. Sharp trainees learn in a matter of hours critical approaches and techniques that typically take years to acquire. Sharp can be used to supplement traditional training programs, or be used as a job aid to support maintenance...

Best Practices in Enterprise Training with Augmented Reality

As the world’s leading Augmented Reality (AR) device management solution for wearable technology, Augmate is hosting a webinar on how AR drastically improves training efficiency within large field service operations. Join the world’s largest telecommunications company, Verizon, and a team of global experts that will showcase best practices for deploying an effective enterprise training program...

Augmented Reality for Learning and Development – Fire Safety Training

Augmented Reality has many uses in the corporate L&D environment. In this augmented reality example we show how brands can use AR to improve the learning experience. Discover more: Subscribe: Download from App Store: Download from Google Play: Zappar: ZapWorks:

EN | Bosch service trainings with augmented reality

Bosch uses Augmented Reality technology to provide technical service trainings. Bosch will present the technology at Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt 2018. This video in German:

EN | Bosch Augmented Reality for the automotive workshop

Augmented Reality by Bosch - all relevant repair information at a glance. A new technology to make your workshop more efficient. Find here more information about Bosch’s Augmented Reality solutions:

Paradiso Webinar – Using Virtual & Augmented Reality in Corporate Training

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality for corporate training has finally arrived! The most beneficial aspect of these technologies is their ability to hold a user's attention. Lately, we encountered a lot of questions from our customers on this topic, hence thought of holding a webinar for it. In the webinar, we'll cover questions like...

Want to Learn Augmented Reality? Check this Video out! – Vuforia Unity Course

►FREE AR Business Card Crash Course: ►Enroll Here in the Full Vuforia MasterClass Course: ►Github : ►AR Courses on Udemy: • Adanced AR on Patreon : Learn Augmented Reality? Check this Video out! - Vuforia Unity Course. Do you want to learn the new Augmented Reality in Unity SDK? Are you not satisfied...

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