Sharp | Augmented Reality Training

Sharp Augmented Reality training is a tool for teaching operational concepts and troubleshooting techniques for complex systems. Sharp trainees learn in a matter of hours critical approaches and techniques that typically take years to acquire. Sharp can be used to supplement traditional training programs, or be used as a job aid to support maintenance tasks.

Best Practices in Enterprise Training with Augmented Reality

As the world’s leading Augmented Reality (AR) device management solution for wearable technology, Augmate is hosting a webinar on how AR drastically improves training efficiency within large field service operations. Join the world’s largest telecommunications company, Verizon, and a team of global experts that will showcase best practices for deploying an effective enterprise training program with AR. Participants will walk away with a blueprint for implementing a successful program that includes: Modern AR training methods and why they are crucial to success - How to build a perfect team of partners to achieve results - How to avoid pilot purgatory and take it to the next level The panel of experts includes: Fraser Bowie, Innovation & Design Leader, Verizon Alexander Kelly, Director of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Vuzix Percy Stocker, President Ubimax Americas, Ubimax Peter Orban, Chief Commercial Officer, Augmate Learn more at

Augmented Reality for Learning and Development – Fire Safety Training

Augmented Reality has many uses in the corporate L&D environment. In this augmented reality example we show how brands can use AR to improve the learning experience. Discover more: Subscribe: Download from App Store: Download from Google Play: Zappar: ZapWorks:

EN | Bosch Augmented Reality for the automotive workshop

Augmented Reality by Bosch - all relevant repair information at a glance. A new technology to make your workshop more efficient. Find here more information about Bosch’s Augmented Reality solutions:

An Example of How to Use Augmented Reality in Training | How to Create the Best eLearning

Do you want to know how augmented reality can be used for training? In this short video, we share an example of how you can use augmented reality for just in time learning. We are an award-winning eLearning company in Brisbane, Australia, with global clients, which provides end-to-end eLearning solutions including instructional design, graphic design, animation and development. Follow our journey as we learn how to create the best eLearning.

Want to Learn Augmented Reality? Check this Video out! – Vuforia Unity Course

►FREE AR Business Card Crash Course: ►Enroll Here in the Full Vuforia MasterClass Course: ►Github : ►AR Courses on Udemy: • Adanced AR on Patreon : Learn Augmented Reality? Check this Video out! - Vuforia Unity Course. Do you want to learn the new Augmented Reality in Unity SDK? Are you not satisfied with poor tracking algorithms and limitation of ARtoolkit or other AR SDK's ? Or are you new Vuforia SDK? This course will teach you all the fundamentals of the Augmented Reality in the shortest time so that you can get started developing your own Augmented Reality Apps. I am an AR Developer with a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. I have over 15000 students on Udemy. This course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Augmented Reality using the Vuforia assets in Unity through practical and easy to understand labs. This class covers these capabilities, including getting started, simple and multiple target detection, smart terrain as well as leap motion integration. You will learn all the fundamentals through practice as you follow along with the training. Together we will build a strong foundation in AR in Unity SDK with this training for beginners. This course will enable you to: Get started in Unity and how to download the Vuforia SDK Create a simple AR app with a floating cube Once you have mastered the basics we go ahead and create multiple targets in Augmented Reality Create virtual buttons to add interactivity to your AR apps. Display Video on a physical wall. Leverage the Leap Motion Controller to create a pinch drawing app in AR. (Really Cool!) Implement Vuforia's smart terrain algorithm to detection objects in Real Time! Detect Cylindrical Target Objects and animate markers Training Duration: 1.5 hours Applications of Augmented Reality: AR business Cards AR Gaming Entertainment Medical Military Industrial and Domestic Maintenance Navigation Advertising and Promotional Content ------------------------------------------------------------ Support us on Patreon ► Chat to us on Discord ► Interact with us on Facebook ► Check my latest work on Instagram ► Learn Advanced Tutorials on Udemy ► ------------------------------------------------------------ To learn more on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality IoT, Deep Learning FPGAs, Arduinos, PCB Design and Image Processing then check out Please Like and Subscribe for more videos :)

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