#XRCOL2020 A great success for the first online conference of SSVAR!

#XRCOL2020 : "How immersive and augmented technology can help us better connect with one another?"

We have been surprised by the interest people have shown for our first event!

More than 800 users (Zoom stats).
Thank you all for this encouraging result!

This was our first attempt and the results go far from our expectation (max 200): it means for us that there is absolutely hope for #XR in a pandemic world.

It's time to push for the adoption of XR technology not only in the enterprises but also in the houses

Immersive collaboration/learning and meetings are today possible.

We'll keep you posted.
The recordings will be released very soon!

A message from a real #XR veteran who has attended.

"I feel that must of the XR conferences became way too much corporate (showcase of really narcistic ‘’This is how we do it it!’’, pretty much one-directional broadcasting - as if it’s B2C : )
Goal for them is to show their investors and bosses to ‘’how great we did’’ Ha, ha… But not much sharing of ideas, findings, and not much ‘’social value’’…

In both RTC and SSVAR - what I found was very valuable – were very sincere presentations and many valuable insights about the new medium. Less corporate burden.."

WOW.!! 😉

Check the programme here:


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Swiss Society of Virtual and Augmented Reality
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