Crossing the gate of an alternate reality



Two years ago, I bought a VR headset, and bam!  I’ve jumped into an alternate reality…

In this alternate dimension I’ve created an organization which promotes virtual, augmented and mixed reality SSVAR – Swiss Society of Virtual and Augmented Reality

I’ve met hundred of people, all very smart. I’ve lost few “friends” but I’ve gained new ones… In that world they have a strange language with some weird words like Unity, FOV, DOF, SLAM, Oculus, Vive, Daydream etc.

I’ve just started to understand what they are saying…  They are all trying to escape from here by creating new worlds. They call them VR/AR/MR/MR. 

Funny.  They can’t find a unique word to name them… In that reality I did a lot of things until this last one: a talk in front of an UN agency!

I’m starting to like this world… I’m not sure I’ll come back again… 😉 If you have a little time, please check this video, my wharolian time…

Ok, nothing transcendent, but a nice experience for me 😉

—  Special thanks to our partners : Tim Schmittler my friend and old time partner and support!

One of the best 360 photographer in Switzerland!

1. Project 360 : http://project360.biz/

2. Scenicview : http://www.scenicview.ch/

— 3. Gulli-VR : http://gulli-vr.com

Thanks! #wsis2018 #VR #AR #MR #ssvar

Jean-Philippe Mohamed Sangaré

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President - CEO Virtual and augmented reality promoter in Switzerland. Senior IT project manager, Test architect / manager expert in test management, test automation, performance measurement. Professional trainer.
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