Empowering Teachers And Students With VR, AR And AI Using Immersive Virtual Learning



#IIFVAR | The International Investment Forum in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in Zurich (Technopark) 20 April 2017


Moving forward, technology will continue to play a bigger and bigger role in the future of learning. It’s incredibly important for us to embrace this new technology within the education sector in order to leverage its full potential when it comes to student engagement and learning outcomes.

VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are two groundbreaking forms of technology that are already providing revolutionary methods of engaging learners and activating their cognitive abilities in new and promising ways. These technologies have both the potential to enable more effective memory retention, as well as to aid students in achieving their learning outcomes more quickly.


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Michael Bodekær Jensen

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Michael Bodekaer is a tireless visionary and the founder of multiple technology companies. His goal is to solve important global challenges through innovative revolutionary technology, bold ideas and enthusiastic, engaged teamwork. A highly disciplined and self-motivated EdTech innovator, Bodekaer often spends his time pondering the bigger picture. "Whether I'm coding or working on a prototype for a new project, I think more about the people that it will inspire or whose lives it will change, than what I’m actually doing in the moment" he explains. Having founded companies like Livit, Labster, Mailbird, Project Getaway, Vilondo and Learn Technologies, Michael is working towards his mission of bringing together the brightest and most purpose-driven people from all over the world and empowering them to realize their full potential. Bodekaer is an avid kite surfer, wakeboarder and Starcraft II enthusiast. He has conducted a number of inspiring presentations that can be found on and YouTube.
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