Ubisoft Pushes ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Release to March 2017

Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Ubisoft’s upcoming collaborative space adventure, sadly won’t be here for the November 29th launch date as promised, so if you wanted to give that special someone a Trek-themed Christmas present, you may need to rethink your options. The game is now slated to release on March 14th, 2017.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts you on the bridge of a U.S.S. Aegis (NX-1787), a newly created star ship built on the aesthetic of J.J. Abrams directed franchise reboot, and lets you team up with a crew of friends, strangers, or bots to go on missions throughout the Alpha quadrant. Giving you choice of Captain, Helm, Tactical or Engineering, collaboration is the key to any successful mission in Bridge Crew—something we found out in our hands-on with the demo.

Ubisoft recently released Eagle Flight exclusively on Oculus Rift from their Montreal studio, with Werewolves Within and Star Trek: Bridge Crew to follow from their North Carolina-based subsidiary Red Storm Entertainment.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is slated for a simultaneous release on Rift, Vive and PSVR.

Ubisoft hasn’t cited any specifics surrounding the delay outside of a general statement on their blog:

In order to deliver the best game experience possible at launch, we have decided to push the release of Star Trek: Bridge Crew to March 14, 2017.

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Source: Ubisoft Pushes ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Release to March 2017


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