PSVR’s Secret Weapon, The Aim Controller, Has A Release Date

PSVR’s Secret Weapon, The Aim Controller, Has A Release Date

The beauty of SteamVR’s tracking system is the wealth of opportunities it presents for the additional accessories that will enhance VR’s immersion. There are a couple solutions available for PS VR when it comes to this, but they use multiple parts. One of our writers got a hands-on with an upcoming solution and not only was the PS VR Aim controller an accurate option, it supplied comfortable locomotion while testing it with the highly anticipated PS VR exclusive Farpoint. On the official Playstation twitter, it has been revealed that Farpoint and the VR Aim controller will be arriving in stores on May 16th and consumers will get to determine if Sony really has a secret weapon for VR on their hands.

If you’re not familiar with Farpoint, it took the top slot of our 50 Days of PS VR articles as one of VR’s most promising shooters. The sci-fi shooter was described as Starship Troopers, which is exciting enough in itself, but the Aim Controller stole the show. The VR Aim is held like a real rifle and it has a tracking solution where the barrel of the gun would be. It has analog sticks on both handles, but the default set-up has you using just one to propel yourself while you turn your body to change directions. Our writer noted no discomfort when using the device in that manner, but there will be an option to use both analog sticks and move freely if you’re less susceptible to motion sickness in VR.

Farpoint is already promising on its own, but having such a tool available will do wonders for players as they move more naturally and don’t have to adjust to a different style of locomotion such as teleportation. Better yet, the accessory presents an option for other developers that are working on shooters and/or simply would like to add a more fluid mode of locomotion to their existing games as well. Gamestop has a bundle including Farpoint and the controller listed for $79.99 but this could possibly be placeholder as this listing doesn’t have the correct release date. We’ll update with more information in the future.

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Source: PSVR’s Secret Weapon, The Aim Controller, Has A Release Date


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