6. Virtual and Mixed Reality for Medical Education

Virtual and mixed reality involve the use of computer technology to create simulated and hybrid environments. Popular for their gaming applications, virtual and mixed reality, with their futuristic affect, never fail to dazzle audiences. But VR/MR technology is much more than a game. Virtual and mixed reality systems have recently caught the eye of healthcare professionals eager to sharpen their skills. Now popular for medical education, VR/MR programs provide simulation training that serves to enhance traditional medical schooling. Education via simulation is a productive step toward the system’s most adept and confident healthcare providers.

Michael Hoffman (Object Theory): Mixed Reality Use Cases and Challenges

A talk from the Design Track at AWE USA 2018 - the World's #1 XR Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, California May 30- June 1, 2018. Michael Hoffman (Object Theory): Mixed Reality Use Cases and Challenges Today, four years in, Object Theory has spoken to many hundreds of innovators and business leaders across a dozen industries to hear the types of 3D business problems they wish to solve with mixed reality. In this process clear patterns have emerged in the types of use cases that match well with mixed reality’s unique advantages. http://AugmentedWorldExpo.com Link to Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/AugmentedWorldExpo/michael-hoffman-object-theory-mixed-reality-use-cases-and-challenges

Mixed reality in the classroom

Brand new technology in the classroom: students immerse themselves in a “mixed reality” and use HoloLens glasses to learn a fundamental principle of proteins. The HoloLenses are used in a Computer-Assisted Drug Design course at ETH Zurich run by Gisbert Schneider, Professor in the same named field. Read more: https://www.ethz.ch/en/news-and-events/eth-news/news/2018/02/hololens.html What the colours stand for: White: hydrogen Skin tones: carbon Yellow: sulphur Red: oxygen Blue layer: 1.4-angstrom surface that is produced by moving a water molecule over the surface of the protein. The water molecule has a diameter of 1.4 angstroms. Red layer: 6-angstrom surface that is produced if you take a probe with a diameter of 6 angstroms. - - - ETH Social Media Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eth/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ethzurich/ Twitter EN: https://twitter.com/eth_en LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/school/eth-zurich/ https://www.ethz.ch

The Future of Tennis Coaching | Mixed Reality Experience

This video shows a HoloLens / AR Tennis Coaching application developed for a sports technology company based in Tennessee! Levi Lais and I worked together to bringing to life the vision of bringing the Tennis Coaching experience into the modern age with the Microsoft HoloLens. Let us know what you think in the comments! What does it do? The tennis coaching app allow coaches and students to enhance their tennis training sessions by saving time, effort, and increasing effectiveness. The coach can place virtual targets on the real tennis court and have the students try to aim at the targets. The coach can record the students success rate within the application and keep track of session statistics using voice or gestures. This is all done without the hassle of placing and cleaning up real targets, and dealing with a mess of papers and pencils to record progress and stats. Is that it? No! Still under development and in future plans are the ability to monitor and analyze racket swings, player stance and posture, game scores, real-time ball tracking, remote coaching sessions, video sharing, and so much more! For more info, feel free to visit my website at www.onginnovations.com Special thanks to William Sokol Erhard for development support Connect with us on Twitter! Sean Ong: https://twitter.com/sean_ong Levi Lais: https://twitter.com/levilais UI/UX/Graphic Design by Levi Lais of App Volks LLC

Mixed Reality: on the road to industry 4.0

Renault Trucks, working with Immersion, the European leader in virtual reality and augmented reality, will be starting the first phase of testing a new, faster and more reliable quality control process using mixed reality in January 2018 at its Lyon engine site. http://www.renault-trucks.com/ Renault Trucks on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RenaultTrucksCom/ Renault Trucks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/renaulttrucksofficial/ Renault Trucks on Twitter: http://twitter.com/renaulttrucksco

VRTO 2017 – Mixed Reality & Medical Accuracy by Kevin Millar (INVIVO) – VR Toronto

MR in the Healthcare Industry: Challenges & Insights Review how Mixed Reality is being used in the health care industry today using real world examples. Reveal some unique challenges and insights presented in this complex industry where medical accuracy and legal requirements are paramount. Kevin Millar, President | INVIVO Kevin’s blend of creative and scientific leadership is a natural extension of his Masters of Biomedical Communications degree and his position on the Board of Governors of the Association of Medical Illustrators. In over 17 years at INVIVO, Kevin has overseen the development of hundreds of medical animations, patient videos, medical games and mobile applications that help our clients articulate their messages and meet their business needs. Learn more about the VRTO conference at https://conference.virtualreality.to

[MetaVu-EDU] MS Hololens-based CNC Machine Mixed Reality Training System

When a student wears Hololens of MS company in the training scene where is necessary to practice, a large-sized machine tool of real size appears in front of you. The learner can look 360 degrees in any direction as if they are looking at the actual machine, and can freely manipulate them in the form of step by step according to the actual machine operation sequence through the gesture (air tap). Below is a description of the CNC Machine Mixed Reality training system, which is the result of the MetaVu-EDU family created by Extriple Co., Ltd. http://www.metavu.kr, http://www.extriple.com MetaVu-EDU: CNC Machine Virtual / Mixed Reality Training System This is currently being used in education at KOREATECH(koreatech.ac.kr) university. ◈ CNC Machine Virtual / Mixed Reality Training System Overview. By implementing the basic usage method of CNC machine, which is essential for machining process in various industrial fields, as a mixed reality based on virtual and real space, ordinary people who do not know machine mechanism can quickly and safely perform infinite loop learning You can easily learn and follow through. ◈ Effects of existing curriculum ▶ Virtual learning of the operation state of equipment which is difficult to learn by theory ▶ Intuitive and immersive experience with realistic education and training system ▶ Increase educational effect by repeated learning without restriction of time and space ▶ Eliminate the problem of shortage of training opportunities due to lack of existing expensive educational equipment ▶ Elimination of the opportunity to lose practice opportunity due to equipment loss ▶ Solve safety problems of students ▶ Solving problems such as practice place constraints ▶ Reducing the cost of introducing education and training reporters Existing curriculum (2nd step): Theoretical education → Practical equipment training Improved Curriculum (6th step): Theoretical Education → Virtual Reality Learning → Virtual Reality Practice → Space Based Mixed Reality Practice → Practical Equipment + Mixed / Augmented Reality Practice → Practical Equipment Practice ◈ MetaVu is a wearable mixed reality platform created by Extriple Co., Ltd. MetaVu is a compound word of [meta (from Greek μετά) + View (French Vu)] It is the will to offer the best experience to the customer through the constant change between the reality and the virtual, beyond the reality, and the uncharted world like meta's origin and dictionary meaning (between, behind, and over). MetaVu expands your senses and capabilities to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as cost and time. We are provides mixed reality (MR) / augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) solutions optimized for various industries. ◈ Meta View Products ▶ MetaVu-MRO: Products for maintenance, training, operation support ▶ MetaVu-EDU: Realistic education and training system ▶ MetaVu-iSAFETY: IoT, augmented reality based industrial safety product ▶ MetaVu-Remote: Products for remote collaboration ▶ MetaVu-Smart Factory: Products for Smart Factory 3D Monitoring / Management ▶ MetaVu-RTLS: real-time indoor / outdoor precision positioning system Make by Extriple Co., Ltd. in South Korea.

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