The Market Opportunity for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

This video features a panel discussion with industry experts from both the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sectors. David Wheelen is the CEO of VR Education Holdings PLC. They run a platform called 'Engage' which allows Educators and Corporate Trainers to teach remotely whilst creating and sharing their own content - it's a...

The Military and Augmented Reality

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CAE HPSN World 2019 “Augmented Reality in Healthcare” Panel

Presenting the future of #mixedreality in healthcare simulation during #hpsnworld19 with Eric Kamont of #Microsoft followed by a discussion on Microsoft #HoloLens in healthcare training. Panelists include Jay Reid of Medtronic, Dr. Davinder Ramsingh of Loma Linda University, Dr. Jared Staab of University of Kansas Medical Center and Eric Kamont with moderator Devin Johns...

Augmented Reality Examples – Hololens Military Contract Creates Rift at Microsoft

Microsoft employees are unhappy with Hololens Tactical Augmented Reality military contract. Military augmented reality is a growing defense contractor industry, but some at Microsoft to not want to become war profiteers. Here's a real world example of Augmented Reality going to the dark side of technology. #AugmentedRealityExamples #MilitaryAugmentedReality #DarkSideOfTechnology...

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